About Workshop
Duration - 21 Days
This course is designed for 3 weeks or 21 days as a residential workshop. It is mandatory for all participants to stay in the venue completely for 21 days. The motive of this workshop is to transform each individual to become a highly successful person and to achieve what they aspire to become. You will be working among like-minded people with the same kind of burning desires and high aspirations as you have. You will follow certain daily rituals that are followed by high achievers and successful people around the world. Finally, anything that you practice for 21 days becomes your habit and you can continue all the righteous actions not only during the workshop but throughout your life.    
Blueprint of My Beautiful Life
During this course, you will be the author of your life, where you will inquire at a deeper level of your own self and record all that you wanted to do, have and be in this life.  This book is about you, created by you. It's about discovering what you really want. It's about the step by step actions that you need to take to turn your dreams, goals, and vision into reality. You design your life just not from the dimension of Career but also from health and fitness, spirituality, relationship, parenting, financial, social, emotional, intellectual perspective. You will derive a crystal clear vision of your ultimate successful life. Design easy to follow action steps and strategies for achieving your goal without sacrificing anything and enjoying the everyday process. 
Location - Thailand
This is an international program designed for multicultural people. Thailand is just an amazing destination with very friendly and welcoming people. It is a very peaceful land with a vast variety of ethnicity and backgrounds. It is of course known as the land of smiles as anyone who visits this place will be greeted with great hospitality and smiles. The venue of the workshop will be a high-class star ambiance where our participants can stay comfortably and focus on designing their lives with new ideas, thoughts, and insights. The collaborative learning environment stimulates the exchange of new ideas and creates a framework for innovative thoughts.
Course Framework
This course helps people with burning desire to achieve extraordinary things in their life by using your super consciousness or higher conscious mindset to know who you are and what is the purpose of your life. It raises your level of awareness, consciousness, believes, values and attitudes towards life. Discard all the limiting negative believes and program your subconscious mind and design your life exactly the way you wanted it to be. 
Week 1 - Deeper inquiry on self and bring out the inborn talents and treasures and identify the specific area of career you are passionate about.
Week 2 - The little known secret business approaches followed by the millionaires. Focus on all other dimensions of life like health, relationship, family... so that you can have it all. 
Week 3 - Understanding the concept of financial freedom and designing a freedom lifestyle and knowing how to scaleup your business to the global level and reach millions of people through digital marketing. 
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Jeremy Jackson
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