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Our Mission
Our mission is to empower each individual by bringing out all his hidden talents and inborn treasures that he himself is not aware off and to move him from the competitive plane to creative plane.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to create a better and more peaceful world by empowering its people to discover and chase their burning desires and to exhibit positive attitudes, behaviour and righteous actions.
Our Program
Our programs are research-based from the perspective of “who we are” and “how the world works”. It’s the combination of the study of human and human behavior. Once you understand how you are designed, how human minds work and how to align yourself with the energy, vibration and the frequency of the Universe, you become completely empowered and can create anything and everything that you desire or aspire to do.
Gayathri Bhaskar - Founder
Hi! I'm Gayathri, I'm an international speaker, author and entrepreneur. I'm in the field of education for more than 10 years. I started my career as a Corporate Trainer and became the Director of an International School.  Giving the best education to the world that makes sense to life is always my passion. I had put all my years of experience, knowledge, my heart and soul and designed this course that will transform your life. During this course, you design your life exactly the way you wanted it to be by using various strategies and techniques. This is something that the traditional educational does not teach you. 
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Jeremy Jackson
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You are the most powerful resource in this Universe...
Leaders are not made, you are THE BORN LEADER
"You have the power to achieve anything and everything you aspire to become. Stop looking outside and cribbing about problems around you, instead understand the power of You and how your mind works and direct your thoughts, emotions, feelings to work for your goals."
The key to growth is access to a higher dimension of consciousness
"You can leverage the population of any organisation, society or nation to get any job done. You are capable of building your nation. For any country, the real problem is not the population explosion, but what that population is doing. We all have different aspirations, but one goal – a better world.."
If a person Uplifts his life, he uplifts the life of others around him too
"You can live either on the Creative Plane or the Competitive Plane. Living in the Creative Plane is enables you to create the life of your dreams . It is about applying the vast resources of this planet to create value in yourself so that you can bring more value to the world. There is no end to what you can create and the impact you can have."
Shift from competitive plane to creative plane
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